A Little About EJ

- Loves romantic comedies
- Big fan of Sean Connery
- Once auditioned for the role of James Bond in a small screenplay

About EJ

My name is EJ and I hail from Turkey. I spent many years on various television roles including Turkish soap operas and commercials. When I came to America, a friend suggested that I try out as a dancer for Hunkomania. I was hesitant at first but decided to give it a shot ? I figured what could I lose? I thought I didn?t have a chance but the managers there loved me and decided to try me out on stage. Since then it has been a wild ride and I?ve met some really incredible people. I love performing on stage every night and hearing the cheers from the audience. It is always rewarding to know that I have been able to entertain and provide enjoyment to others. My favorite number is the Wall Street number. There?s just something really sexy about dressing up in a suit and then taking it off slowly for the ladies.

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